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Here are some of the benefits of choosing Fitzjohn Skin Care products:
  • Work Smart, Not Hard - Excellent profit margins retailing our premium, plant based skin care products for the face and body
  • Low start up costs - Low order quantities (we support all sizes of establishment)
  • Luxurious, highly effective formulations that enhance the vitality of your clients’ skin
  • Beautiful packaging for maximum visual appeal, satisfying your clients’ desire for glamour and elegance
  • Produced in small batches to ensure freshness and maximum potency of actives
  • Expertly hand blended in the Heart of Great Britain using the highest quality nutrient-rich botanicals, the latest plant actives and essential oils (many organic; ethically sourced; cruelty free)
  • Receive full product training and ongoing support from your local Account Manager
  • Be part of the success of a growing, British brand
  • Ongoing product development to introduce innovative products to your clients

We supply salons and retailers of all sizes. Book a product demonstration today to find out more:
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telephone:  0333 050 2197