“What got you into all of this …?”

Thank you for reading the new Fitzjohn Skin Care Blog!  I’m looking forward to sharing what I hope you will find interesting and helpful “musings from the world of cream”.


As the Founder of Fitzjohn Skin Care, I’m regularly asked why I started my own skin care range and it’s quite an easy question to answer, so I thought I’d make it the topic of my very first blog.   That way, I can give a little insight into how it all began to all of you who can’t necessarily ask me first hand.


Having previously trained as a professional Make-up Artist, I worked with a make-up company alongside my musical career, demonstrating make-up on thousands of women all over the country. Over the years, I saw a lot of women with skin issues, who invariably asked me what I would recommend they use to help their skin.


I could sympathise with how a lot of these women were feeling because having lived in London for many years, I had suffered my own skin issues, brought about by city pollution. I spent a fortune on salon treatments and used every brand known to womankind to try and keep things under control – it didn’t take long to learn that not every product out there was created to do what it said it would do!


I realised there was a lot of confusion over what to use, even though the shops were full of products. Working out what was actually beneficial rather than just a product of expensive and persuasive marketing was not always easy.  Over a long period of time, I dreamt about having my own line of skin care products to help women like the ones I met, that were most importantly natural and plant-based and that worked with your skin and not against it.


Luckily, the EU was deregulating the cosmetics market around this time – they wanted to reduce the stranglehold the big companies had enjoyed for decades in order to increase competition and allow smaller players to enter the arena. This meant it was now possible to learn how to formulate then create your own range and sell it commercially.


Mother Nature offers us incredible raw ingredients and modern technology works with some of these to give us some powerful, effective actives. I love that working with these “gifts”, I am now able to offer you a wonderful, natural range to help keep your skin looking beautiful, radiant and glowing.  And as a bonus, you have something pretty to look at on your dressing table or bathroom shelf.


Take a look at the range and if you would like some advice on which products to select, just drop me an email and I will be more than happy to help.

Ethel Fitzjohn, Founder

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